Counseling Corner

Counseling Corner

 Managing COVID 19 Suggestions 

Guidance Counselor: Ms. Reese

Social Worker: Ms. Hearn

Social Worker: Ms. Maltzman
School Psychologist: Ms. Ferrer
School Psychologist: Ms. Romero
Family Worker: Ms. Gale

To help our students with their social/emotional learning during this time; we have put together some helpful resources.  Please reach out to Ms. Reese,  Ms. Hearn or Ms. Maltzman via email, should need any additional support.


All students who receive counseling with Ms.Reese should complete a lesson each week associated with their grade.



Emotional ABCs - (Ages 4-8) videos & interactive activities (emotions, sensations, empathy, and coping strategies). 

Worksheet – (All Different Ages) Behavior Worksheets: anger management, behavior contracts, bullying worksheets, character traits, conflict resolution, feelings, kindness worksheets, setting goals, social emotional learning, social skills.

BrainPop – (K-12) click on Health and Social Emotional Learning User name: berlin Passcode: berlin 

PBS Kids -  (ages 2-4) Daniel Tiger’s: Little Life Lessons: separation, new experiences, mad feelings, friendships, disappointment, sharing, pretend play, alike & different, persistence, and use of words. 

PBS Kids - (Ages 2-8) Emotions and Self-Awareness – videos and games. 

YouTube: WonderGrove Kids – (ages 3-7) Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills videos 

PBS Learning Media (Preschool) – Social Emotional Learning: Social Awareness, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship skills, Moral Functioning. 

Centervention (Elementary) – Social Emotional Learning Activities: communication, cooperation, emotional regulation, empathy, impulse control, social initiation 

Cosmic Kids Yoga – (K-5) Kids yoga, mindfulness 

Hello Kids (all ages) – Coloring and Drawing as coping tools. 

8 Videos to Teach and Practice Mindfulness with Kids 

Go Noodle – (all ages) Kids Zumba, yoga, mindfulness videos and games 

The Tool Box – (elementary) mindfulness videos 

NYC WELL – (all ages) Coping & Wellness Tips PARENT TOOL KIT

Supporting Social & Emotional Development in Kids Ages 8-11 

Elementary School Books: several books to help learn about empathy, self-esteem, diversity, and other social and emotional qualities. 

NYC WELL - Crisis Services Call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355), Text: 65173  or Chat with a Counselor Now